SOP Tools and Templates

The SOP Cooperative collects guidance material that supports the development of standard operating procedures for water and wastewater utilities. This guidance is divided into the following topic areas:

SOPs for SOPs

The purpose of a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for SOPs is to provide uniformity and guidance in the process of writing, maintaining, and training of SOPs. The Cooperative collects this guidance from members and open sources.


Building an effective template provides consistency between SOPs. Considerations for an SOP Template include:
  • Required information 
  • What might be required (depending on type of SOP)
  • What’s nice to have
  • What to leave out
The Cooperative collects templates from members and open sources.

Innovative Formats

Have you considered using pictures or videos for your SOPs? Members have shared their innovative formats with the SOP Cooperatives.

SOP Cooperative staff has developed a number of training workshops for different SOP topic areas. TUs are included.

Links and Resources

Links are available to additional SOP resources.

Tools and templates are only available to SOP Cooperative members.